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Chiropractic Impacts the Immune System

If you’ve been coming into Sweeney Family Chiropractic for long enough, chances are you have heard me say that chiropractic adjustments boost the immune system. And I mean it! In these challenging times, health has become our most valuable commodity. Creating the time, space, and intention for living a healthy life means seeking out information, resources, and exploring the numerous ways that we can enhance our natural vitality. You can put chiropractic high on the list of things that does this.

As some of you know, especially those that have attended my Spinal Care Class (hint hint- you should attend if you haven’t already), Chiropractic changed my life’s trajectory and set me on the path to becoming the healthiest version of myself. I was so impacted by this incredible profession that I chose to become a Chiropractor. Many years ago I had a very weak immune system, was frequently sick, and depressed because of it. I was in a state of dis-ease. Through regular chiropractic adjustments my health radically improved, chronic back pain that I had had for most of my life went away, and I even grew and inch and a half. My life changed in profound ways.

But it’s not only about the physiological health. These changes also cultivated a sense of inner strength, confidence, and courage to live the life I had dreamed of. Healthy living is not only about getting adjusted, exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep. While these things are incredibly important, what they ultimately do is allow us to cultivate a connected, clear, conscious, vibrant version of ourselves; these practices allow us to realize our true nature- that we are powerful beings and are most resonant when we are in optimum health.

Inspired yet? I know I am. But aside from me telling you this story and my experience of it, let’s get into some of the details as to WHY chiropractic impacts immune function. Chiropractic is about removing interference in the body. Subluxations distort the nerve system and impede the flow of vital information throughout the body. This can lead us into a state of dis-ease. One of the clearest pathways for this is via the Vagus Nerve.

While there is still much to be discovered, here is what we do know. Your Nervous System and your Immune System work together. The fastest and most direct route between your brain and Immune System is the Vagus Nerve. Research has shown that stimulation of the Vagus Nerve can change immune biomarkers in ways that improve Immune System function.

Given the Vagus Nerve’s anatomical position in relation to the Atlas, or C1 vertebrae, it is understood and has been demonstrated that the chiropractic adjustment stimulates the Vagus Nerve. When you adjust the spine, you don’t just impact the Nerve System, you impact the Immune System, too. Are you wanting to arm yourself with every possible resource to realize your greatest level of health? Getting adjusted is a great next step.

There is no time like the present to get started on your chiropractic journey. Join a Spinal Care Class or share the link to upcoming classes with your friends and family. Help cultivate a deeper sense of health and vitality in your community and in your own life. Your well-being will thank you for it.

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