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Mobility Training and Why It Helps

Healthy movement is at the center of our well-being. If we are not moving well, we simply cannot express optimum health. Healthy joints make for a healthy nervous system; when the joints of our spine are subluxated (misaligned and fixated) it impacts how well our brain and body communicate. Lack of proper communication means that the organs and tissues controlled by the nerves that exit the spine are unable to work optimally.

Often times, people have chronic subluxations, or joints that have been fixated for years. Chronic subluxation impacts the muscle tissues and causes anything from atrophy to adhesions. When this happens, it is important to work to retrain the muscles for proper movement to help reinforce the health of the joints, and ultimately the health of our nervous system.

Mobility is also an important factor in how we walk, how we breathe, and how we support our own weight. Chiropractic adjustments remove fixation and misalignments from the segmental level (i.e. joints in the spine and our extremities), and mobility exercises can then build on this improved joint movement with specific exercises geared to improve range of motion in many areas. You can utilize mobility exercises to increase core strength, balance, shoulder mobility, hip mobility, and overall endurance.

There are so many benefits to increasing your mobility:

  • Reduced physical injury through strengthing the joints and increasing body awareness

  • Increased strength through muscle activation

  • Releasing built-up tension within the body

  • Decreased physical pain and tightness

  • Improved posture and proprioception

  • Better understanding of your unique body

  • Enhance longevity

In an effort to help our practice members continue toward optimal health, we are now offering mobility sessions as an adjunct to your chiropractic care. Starting in October, we will be offering individual sessions and group classes. Mobility training can be especially helpful with shoulder injuries, knee pain, balance issues, and helping to heal from injuries sustained during car accidents. Be sure to ask us about it next time you are in the office so you can get on the Sweeney Family Chiropractic mobility training schedule!

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