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Chiropractic & Anxiety

Over the last several decades research continues to demonstrate the relationship between body position and our ability to manage stress and anxiety. When our body is out of balance, or in a suboptimal position, it can be more difficult to regulate stress hormones and stay in a positive mindset.

If your brain is the master control center of your body, then your spinal cord is the highway that all information must travel along before it heads out on the intricate network of nerves that go to every cell, tissue, and organ.

When we have misalignment of the spine, it’s like having a traffic jam and information is unable to travel to and from wherever it needs to go without interference. This interference is known as vertebral subluxation, which causes the information to get stuck, slowed, or distorted in the spinal cord, resulting in decrease in overall function, increase in sympathetic tone, and an increase in the experience of stress and anxiety.

Dr. John Bargh of Yale University describes the conclusion of his research by saying, “Our minds are deeply and organically linked to our bodies”. It is no coincidence, then, that when treating practice members, chiropractors have found that levels of stress and anxiety often go down.

By correcting subluxations in the spine, the information highway between the brain and body is able to function unimpeded and any triggers to stress and anxiety located in the body can be identified and corrected.

One great example of how chiropractic care has significant effects can be seen in a study done to measure the effectiveness of chiropractic in treating both anxiety and blood pressure issues.

Patients suffering from elevated blood pressure and anxiety were assessed, then given specific adjustments by an experienced chiropractor, and then they were compared to individuals with the same issues who were given a control treatment..

It was found that patients felt a significant decrease in anxiety following chiropractic treatment and that their blood pressure reduced significantly following as well. You can read more about this study here

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