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Five Years of Service - Happy Birthday SFC!

Updated: Feb 6

Sweeney Family Chiropractic opened in February of 2019. My first location was a shared space inside of another clinic called Trilogy Chiropractic, just down the street on Stoneway. The day before I opened, Seattle had a record snow storm that was named "Snowmageddon" because snow was deep, and the ice was thick and on the streets for nearly two weeks. It disrupted the city flow, impacted traffic, caused accidents, and numerous slips and falls. My first day in the office, everyone cancelled, and I wound up going sledding at Gas Works Park. Eventually the snow melted, and the practice building was off and running. I began in the middle of winter, and despite the weather, managed a fairly decent first year.

And then came 2020, when the Covid Era began. This is the year that everything changed in more ways than any of us could have imagined. Covid presented us with some scary challenges, most of which were centered around health- it was time to lean in to the unknown and do what was necessary to take care of ourselves. As the weeks became months, and the months became seasons, I was tasked with asking myself some important questions: Why did I choose to become a chiropractor and what kind of impact do I want to have on my community? Am I going to succumb to the fear of the moment and stop trying? Or am I going to face my fears and go harder and farther than ever before?

Chiropractic is about creating opportunity for meaningful change and optimizing health on all levels. It is about trusting the body, and taking care of it because true health comes from within. Health will never come from something outside of us. At Sweeney Family Chiropractic, these are principles that we live by. These are the same principles that changed my life when I was younger, and inspired me to join the profession. The need for this perspective and knowledge is perhaps greater than ever, with the affirmation that we are ok, we are complete, and we have everything that we need.

By the end of 2020, I committed to going harder and farther than ever before. I reconnected to my purpose, and recommitted myself to my work on a deeper level. In November of that year I moved the practice into its own location and bought a digital x-ray. By December of 2020, the practice was booming and I closed out my second year with a new understanding of what is possible. Sweeney Family Chiropractic continued to grow, and in July of 2021, I hired my first Chiropractic Assistant.

A year later, in July of 2022 we expanded the office and took over what was once the famed, Spin's Barber Shop. The office became bigger, brighter, and able to serve the community at a higher level. Then in January of 2023 I decided to get my animal chiropractic certification so that I could truly serve the WHOLE family. I embarked on a 6 month certification program that culminated with taking and passing the AVCA Exam in September which got me recognized internationally as a specially trained Animal Chiropractor.

And now, here we are in February of 2024. The practice continues to grow and evolve. My love of chiropractic only continues to deepen as I sharpen my craft and serve the community of Seattle. We have added Open Mic Nights, Mobility Workshops, Family Constellation Workshops, and more to the ever-growing community at SFC. The aim is to be a haven for connection and a place of refuge in these unusual times. A space for healing and optimized expression. If you aren't yet a part of the Sweeney Family Chiropractic family, we can't wait to meet you and bring you into the fold! To those that have already been with us, we are so grateful to have you as a part of this beautiful community.

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