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Gathered like clouds in an expansive sky.

Here to create weather, and dance with oceans.

Sending waves of rhythm to the shores where the sun is still shining.

Layered throughout the Atmosphere,

Climbing into the Stratosphere

In various stages of creation

We are the wild cocoon of the world we inhabit.

We task ourselves with building homes, stringing lights, paying bills, and navigating fights

In perpetual disagreement with what we are supposed to be

Proclaiming ourselves as Cumulus

While we evaporate from the sea.

Positioning ourselves in great resistance to the coming storms

Spirals of mighty winds

Tsunamis of rage, that eventually are simple waves

After destroying our own buildings, and humbling our fights

Only to resurrect ourselves into the magic expanse of molecule filled skies

Spreading out across the horizon

Invoking magic hues, one droplet at a time

Sunrise bursts of magenta, gold, and blush pink…

Hurling ourselves into the great expanse

Losing ourselves in this chaotic dance

Crashing into mountains and beaches

Finding ourselves in puddles underfoot

In broken cities

Muddied on quiet hillsides.

We are everywhere, and we are in all things.

Sometimes as a single droplet, and sometimes as a mighty cloud.

Sometimes spinning and crashing,

Sometimes floating and laughing

No matter how far we jump, nor how much we cry

No matter how much we scream, or try to divide

We find ourselves at home in a never-ending sky

Encountering our reflections

Steady and winded,

by our endless resurrections.

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