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5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

The ability to grow another human inside of you, is one of the most amazing functions of the female body. And sometimes with this amazing, innate bodily wisdom, there are some common symptoms that many women experience during pregnancy. These include nausea, back pain, and fatigue to name a few.

During pregnancy, the female body goes through countless physical and physiological changes. Sometimes these changes can cause pain and discomfort; and sometimes these changes put women at risk for longer labor and delivery times as well as other more serious complications, such as breech birth and C-section delivery.

A chiropractor uses methods that not only reduce certain pregnancy symptoms, but more importantly help expecting mothers benefit from healthier pregnancies and birth outcomes.

The following are 5 benefits of seeing a chiropractor during your pregnancy.


Nausea, or morning sickness, is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms that can be highly uncomfortable and difficult to endure throughout your first trimester. Chiropractic adjustments help by balancing the spine and nervous system, which promotes better function and a greater adaptability to the changes that are happening in your body. As a result, hormones are better able to balance, and morning sickness symptoms are often reduced.


As your body prepares for labor and delivery, it produces a hormone called Relaxin that relaxes and loosens all the ligaments and joints, especially in the pelvis. This can contribute to pain and instability if the pelvis and spine are not in proper alignment. The Webster technique, which is specific to pregnancy, is designed to balance the pregnant pelvis and restore proper mechanical and neurological function. This often reduces symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Back pain among pregnant women may also be caused by postural problems that occur due to a heavier belly. Some women may unintentionally exaggerate the natural curves in their backs as their babies become heavier and larger. Regular adjustments help correct posture and spinal curvature to keep back pain at bay.


A baby who is not positioned properly to go head down at the time of labor is known to be in breech position, which can lead to complications including a difficult vaginal delivery, cord prolapse, or a C-section. Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps maintain healthy pelvic balance, so your baby has enough room to freely move head-first into the correct delivery position. In many cases, even if a mother has not received chiropractic care during the first two trimesters, chiropractic adjustments in the third trimester can still help to provide optimal positioning. However, it is best to receive regular adjustments throughout the duration of pregnancy.


A short labor and birthing process, without complications, is far preferable to an unnecessarily painful and prolonged labor and delivery. Regular chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy help ensure the pelvis, spine, and hips are properly aligned and that nerves are working optimally. The nerves are responsible for controlling contractions and dilating the cervix during labor and delivery — meaning optimal nerve health can help you experience a faster labor and easier delivery, with less pain and discomfort.

Women who want to experience a natural childbirth without the use of medications can benefit from chiropractic care during pregnancy to help simplify and improve the birthing experience.


The goal of chiropractic care is to address and remove nerve interference in the spine that may be inhibiting optimal function throughout the body, including immune function. The stronger and healthier your immune system, the stronger and healthier your baby’s own immune system will be at the time of birth. Prenatal chiropractic care can contribute to improved overall health for both you and your baby, and may reduce some unwanted symptoms so you can experience a safer, more comfortable pregnancy.

Dr. Sweeney is a Webster Certified, perinatal chiropractor. If you want to know more, set up a consultation to learn more about how chiropractic care can improve the health of you and your baby.

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